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0 Reported Uncounted Covid-19 Deaths in The United States

Do you suspect someone you know in the United States died from the COVID-19 coronavirus but has not been counted in the death tally being reported by official sources and the news media?

We think everyone should count.

Report an Uncounted COVID-19 Death Here

This site is intended to get an understanding of the magnitude of uncounted deaths as a result of the novel coronavirus. If you know someone who passed away during the pandemic and you think it was a result of COVID-19, we'd appreciate if you would submit some basic information so we can count them. You can see samples of how your submission might appear here:
New York City Apopka

It's 100% free and your info won't be shared. We will count your report in our death total and publish the decedent's name, death date, death city & state, description, where they passed and official cause of death in your report.
There are a number of news reports of COVID-19 deaths describing many people who are passing away having never been tested so they are not being counted. Others are pointing out inconsistencies in official numbers.